Friday, August 24, 2007

Heat... is hot.
and evil.
Especially without aircon.
Aircon makes it cold, but can't use aircon yet.
Heat doesn't really turn into cold.
Cold doesn't exist as a noun, but people use it as one anyway.
Cold is the absence of heat.
Absence has no presence, but it is treated as if it does anyway.
Contradicting, but people find it more absurd to call cold heat.
Kind of like nothing.
Nothing is nothing.
People treat it as if it is something.
People are silly things.
Ending lots of words with "thing".
Everything, nothing, anything, something, thing and thingamajig.
Thingamajig doesn't end with thing, it starts with it.
Same with thingie.
I don't even think thingie is a real word.
People use it as if it was though.
Does that make thingie fiction?
Heat changing powers are not real thingies but are fiction too, but people don't use it in real life.
Heat changing powers should be more useful than thingies.
Heat changing powers could get rid of evil heat.
...but not, since heat is energy.
Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.
So heat changes to cold.
but there is no such thing as cold, as cold is absence.
So heat becomes fiction.
Fiction is good.

So people need to use heat changing powers instead of thingies if they're going to import something from fiction, so they can use it on heat and turn it into fiction so instead of being evil, heat will be good.

All will become good.

I want aircon.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

O_o this blog is dead. But since I made this post to say it died, doesn't that mean it's not dead? So by putting this post, it's not dead, but I say it is. THIS POST LIES! I'm a liar! I made a post for a lie! *sob* Now I have to live with an ever-growing web of lies that will only bring destroction when it breaks! but... if I have a web of lies, then everything I must be saying is a LIE! I must've been lying about having a web of lies, so I must've not have lied about anything! Then why did I say this post was a lie when it wasn't? Doesn't that mean I did lie in the first place? But the post is contradictory to what really is, so I wasn't lying by saying this was a lie! I'm clean! except that since I said the truth about the post I made being a lie, that means I lied making this post. Since I admitted to this being a lie though, that should mean that it no longer is a lie, but it is still contradictory to the truth, therefore, it's a lie that is not a lie! I have achieved the non-sensible once again! Also, my flooble finally did die. Aww... If I revive it, which I will though, then it'll be alive and that part of the post would be a lie too! If I follow what I said in this post though, the conclusion will once again arrive at me making something non-sensible agin. Yay, that makes 2 non-sensible things I made in 1 day!

This blog, being a nonsense blog... does it make sense to bother wasting time to read this? Assuming that this blog's readers are sensical, of course. It's not like there is any hidden meaning behind it. ...I think. Highly unlikely though, since I suggested the possiblity. There's no sense to put any hidden meaning. Then again, it would make perfect sense, since that nonsensical action would fit right in the nonsense that this blog contains. Wouldn't that logic make sense though?

hmm... must find other purpose for rabidninjamonkeys. also must get new flooble... and watch it die a slow death. ...again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

This be random post. Had your random fix today? Hah! This isn't some cheap mirror of my livejournal anymore! so, HAH!

There are so many fun black and white animals! There are pandas, penguins, polar bears, zebras, and probably some species of snake that I do not know of yet! ooh, new blogger is fun. I accidentally pressed CTRL+I instead of SHIFT+I, then this em tag came up! It's like em, only two of them, with those greater than and less than brackets surrounding them and the second em having a slash before it. I could type exactly how it looked, but it might get some stupid html error even though I just wonted to type it and not use some kind of html effect that is evoked by the greater than and less than brackets. ooh, those were long running sentences! I said ooh thrice! 4 times countingthat last time! ooh(now 5!) is some expression of astonishment or amusement, which means I'm probably really sleepy now to be astonished at such silly small things. I should be sleeping, you know? It's been a while since I typed things directly from my mind. What happened to the original topic on monochrome animals? oh well, this is long enough as it is. Well, I'm back at blogger again, again!

Colorful Delusions: The random blog/lj post mirror

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A lot happened over the weekend this time. Maybe this'll satisfy my want of something different happening for a while. I was planning a different style for this, but it dragged on too much. Failure! I shame myself. Therefore, I'll rant my immediate train of thought no matter how pointless.


The sounds of my alarm clock and cellphone traveled back in time. It's the only explanation! To what? well... On Saturday, I woke up at 8, an hour before my alarms were set to ring. That was not right. The chain of events of the night beforehand clearly lead to me waking up late, panicking, and barely making it to NSTP without breakfast. I stayed at a conference until 1, which I admittedly didn't say much. My usual silent trait kind of shines like that. It was something about microphones and making someone who seemed to be a blockmate because of the name but really wasn't because he just had a similar name. He eventually said he didn't want to talk in Filipino through the mic. I think that made the others happy since they left soon after. riyuji says I should have been to the conference earlier, but didn't give me the power to manipulate time and space so I could be in it. *pout* If I got it, I wouldn't abuse it! Maybe use it to take over the world and create my senseless utopia which I can't describe in words, but I wouldn't abuse it!

After the chat, I had to wait for Kekkaishi 11 to finish downloading. The series so far is practically 1 episode away from the latest manga chapter I downloaded! All *spoiler* had to do was to *spoiler* and *spoiler* the *spoiler*, then I wouldn't know what would happen next since mangatraders didn't have those chapters yet! I checked the scanlation group. Either the site wasn't made for IE, or they dropped Kekkaishi. The download finished at 2. I might have been on bed after, but I didn't get to sleep until 30 minutes, I think. I'm not a video game character. I can't just black out like that after tucking myself undeer the blankets like that. So I slept at 230-3, roughly 5 hours before 8. Last time I slept and woke up naturally in just 5 hours was during the first term. Ah, first term. I missed how things were like then. Algtrig was the only notable blemish during that time. My alarm was set for 9. 9 is one hour after 8. Therefore, it could not have rung at 8. My sleeping schedule is too messed up to get me up that early. The only conclusion was what I stated in the first place. The alarms travelled an hour back in time. whee, this paragraph is so long, and I was only talking about friday!

Saturday morning:

Despite there being no explanation as to why I woke up by myself so early, I appreciated it. I could eat breakfast, for one thing. It didn't do much though since I ate lunch at Mc Donalds at 11 anyway. I think I screwed up time then, since even the MRT and LRT ride to college ended up being 10 minutes shorter. That wasn't a good thing though, since it meant I had 40 minutes before I planned to eat lunch and I didn't see anyone I'd recognize until Germy when I was lined up at the cashier. Because of all the extra time, I checked up on Harrison's to see if I was in the right place. That didn't do anything. The jeepneys wouldn't come that early. In fact, they came much, much later. I had to contemplate if it got cancelled and if I was the only idiot who didn't know about the announcement for a while. Even when eating lunch and Germy was around, we still wondered the same thing since no one else came yet. Even though people didn't come until around 10 minutes before we had to go, they still came earlier than the jeepneys. Those were late. So late that they shaved off the extra 30 minutes we were supposed to have as make up for this class. Someone said something about the jeepneys being in Harrison's so I went there again with other people this time, and before we even went in, those ahead said it was in South Gate after all.


Jeepney rides to East triangle and back were faster than usual too. Maybe I really did break reality and mess with the very fabric of time. Oh, if only I did so consciously. Germy was supposed to organize a talk about cleaning up and get a speaker, but that ended up being delayed. Lucky him. He didn't have a speaker. I told him to get Mr. Clean, but noooo, he didn't listen. I was in the documentation committee, and we didn't have to do much aside from taking pictures or in Hail's case, write down everything that happened from his point of view. We were supposed to have 3 cameras but- ...hmm, I'll call him Collar for now just because I randomly recalled his shirt had a collar at one time when I was thinking of what to call him until I get an OL name he uses or permission to use his name here. Doesn't even describe him in the least, but oh well. Anyway, we were supposed to have 3 cameras but Collar didn't come. He was supposed to have the third camera. So we had 2 cameras, mine and Shield's(name inspired by shirt design. Hey, if I did it for Collar's, why not Shield's? I'm ranting my immediate thoughts. These minor details are not supposed to make sense. The other two people's "nicknames" should make sense to those that know them even though they really aren't called that)

We took many pictures. Especially pictures of electric fans for they served us well in our stay in that community. If there's one subject that can be found in more pictures than the electric fans', it's Germy's. I blame reverse psychology. He actively avoided pictures so Shield, riyuji, and I kept taking his pictures every time his guard went down. It's also payback for him taking my monstrosity of a face in several occasions. Another reason is because we capture him in the best poses. It's almost as fun as assaulting gold_zealot2002! We got a bunch of children to swarm Germy for a shot at one time. So, our pictures mostly contained important things the rest of the class were doing and things that amused us. There was this one banner that read "Children obey your parents in the Lord." in the classroom. Just think about the mental picture. There were pictures of "a cat that looked like it was licking it's balls"(exact words from Hail), a wrapper labeled Mojacko! special chicharon(that's really how it was spelled. I should know. I have the picture. abcd_wasabi has the wrapper I kept.), one of the special chicharon in my pack that grew a beard(only Shield has that picture because of that insanely high resolution that camera had), and Hail and the shiny white aura he and his notebook kept getting in every picture. I was supposed to take this pic of a shirt that read Dureimon, but that kid was elusive. Far too elusive than a kid should be. I suspect spies that are not us. You know, taking pictures without people noticing and peeking through windows kind of makes me think that my committee is a committee of spies. or ninjas. Ninjas are better, so committee of ninjas. Hail's on the spot rant he was working on the entire time sounds better then all this I'm spewing out. It could very well be a clearer summary of this session.

Photo opportunities can only appear so often. There were times where we just sat around. One of those times was when we discovered Mojacko! Special Chicharon. That was also when d-taikoubou looked through Miffy and found my inky messes on paper and the printed picture of Fee/Audrey from Atelier Iris 2 I was planning to use as a reference for a drawing. It was then that I saw the drawing process that awed me since I first saw it done on Kingdom Hearts Cloud during my first term. She says it was messy, but it sure is cleaner than most lineart I've seen done in pencil. I have much, much more to learn. There were at least three people from my original section that could draw well. ...I need to write more to get my self-esteem back. Did I mention that the documentation team got their own jeepney there and back? There always seems to be a loose clanging part of the jeepneys we ride though.


fwee, The day didn't end just at NSTP this time! Almost all of us was there this time.(insane_orange, runeliu, abcd_wasabi, chick_guitarman, jpop_princess, gold_zealot2002 and kokuren_hana. crussian and redmoonmurder weren't there. *pout* ...why did I even list this anyway? you guys are practically 98% of my lj friends anyway!) I was planning a throat slit welcome for runeliu when I spotted him in the arcade, but I reeeeally needed to go someplace special to release something pent up at the time. By the time I went back, I lost him. Food court, go figure. I should have checked that out before asking insane_orange so I could keep the element of surprise. :/ If you didn't believe that coke could make people drunk, you would have if you saw how we were like at the time! We had like what, 5 bottles of coke in a row? Only among us could someone start the random word game and everyone would understand.(basically saying a random word(mostly noun) to counter the previous word. Ends when all participants acknowledges the word as the greatest... I think. There never were any rules) When it ended, I I faced off against insane_orange in a similar game, only narrowed down to species in Animorphs, later on morphs used in the series. When gold_zealot2002 came along with that Toyfare comic, I won by default. XD Who's the hardcore Animorphs fan NOW!? jpop_princess and kokuren_hana were dancing... something. Though I like watching Morning Musume PVs, I never memorized any of the dances. *The planet sighs in relief* What else happened before we started eating? Besides runeliu trying to drag chick_guitarman and me away, of course, since I plan on mentioning that later when he finally succeeded. ...I guess after that, we figured redmoonmurder wasn't going to come and started buying stuff. I didn't eat until I was on my way home though. Coke really did fill me up then. So, jpop_princess was hungry and runeliu, chick_guitarman and I were just following her. I commented about her having a posse, then runeliu or jpop_princess translated it to "male harem", then it became the SPK, and it stuck. So, I've been part of an SPC and an SPK. All that's left is an SPR! Such is the fate of one who randomly follows people around. I'd say something about things we talked about, but I don't think we ever had a solid topic on any conversation that day, did we?

ah, This is when runeliu did The Dragging. For some reason, I thought he was dragging us to play Starcraft. My mistake, just more Tekken. I don't think I got a chance to play until after I went back to the food court after gold_zealot2002 called asking where we were. I dunno what happened, but whatever it was, it finally made winning in tekken a possibility for me. First crussian 2 days ago, then winning 2 rounds before losing against runeliu, then WINNING against kokuren_hana's Asuka, which I believe he was holding back and also gave a mercy round. Still, he put a bit more than pity effort and I still won. I normally don't win against that. Or anything, for that matter when it concerns Tekken. Apologies to crussian. Since I was too used to losing, I didn't realize I've been winning and forgot about giving mercy rounds 2 days ago. I never had to give mercy rounds before. Oh yeah, on the way back to Power Station, I tested jpop_princess's awareness. *snicker* While jpop_princess and I were watching runeliu play Tekken, we proclaimed him the "Penguin-Hurter" since he was hurting penguins in one of those stages. Thus, Shang was born, in order to stop the penguin-hurter from hurting more innocent penguins! Our secret base was Shang, named after us. It will never be found! ...even though it's a huge mall with the arcade most of us frequently go to. Practiced Guitar Freaks with abcd_wasabi too. From what I've seen, There was no problem with switching buttons, but she experienced difficulty in timing on fast songs(Tentai Kansoku)? Probably because of the speed. Maybe if I suggested to raise the speed a bit more beforehand, she would have done better. Needs faster reflexes, but the timing gets clearer when the speed rises. Let's see, the order of leaving was... jpop_princess and chick_guitarman, abcd_wasabi, then me. I wouldn't know the order of those who left after me. Ate at Wendy's. It's not often that I get to eat baked potato :9


When I woke up, my plan was to work on the outline for filkomu. The plan was to finish before lunch. I was planning to go to mass at 8am and get a 100GB external hard drive at PC Express, Buendia after lunch. Oh, how naive I was. I should have known filkomu enough to know that things aren't going to go that well. Because of trying to convince myself to work filkomu, I missed 8am mass. Oh well, I thought I could catch the 12:30 mass. I missed that too since I was doing something online. I forgot what it was. hmm... I think I was transferring the D. Grayman manga and Kekkaishi 11 in my (parents') flash drive. Next was at 400pm. Forgetting about Filkomu for a while, I left the house after lunch. Who would have known it's just a 15 minute walk from the MRT station? After all those suggesting taking a jeepney, I was expecting a 30 minute to an hour walk. I almost ended up taking a TAXI! Just because I didn't know where the street I was looking for was. I'm starting to suspect that I have some internal radar for places I have no idea which direction it is. Without knowing which street, I started walking down a random street looking for jpop_princess's dance class. Asked another commuter and found out I was going the right way. O_o Similar experiences occurred for finding UST and that PC Express too. The street I was headed for before I got the idea of asking the guards at the station or getting a taxi was exactly where I was supposed to go. Before, gold_zealot2002 told me of a 40 GB external drive worth 5k. This 100 GB one was just 100 more! I got the info about the place from Shield. gah, Germy is so lucky! It's probably just a 5 minute walk for him!

I. AM. DOOMED. I haven't even started the filkomu outline at all, and it's far too late. I'd finish or at least have a part done for most normal assignments at this grateful golden cramming period, but I can't even get myself to touch this one! Only in filkomu, only in filkomu... I'll try to make up for this loss, I will!

and now, my tummy is all gassy, but it doesn't want to release upwards nor downwards. You'd probably live a happier life without knowing that, but it's too late to change it now. oh well. To think that the effects of the coke drinking session at Friday would last this long.

Moral: Ranting makes posts needlessly long. Really, really long.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stealing old memes~
Go to your music player of choice and put it all on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and after each one press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

What do you think of me, wmp?
Kesenai Tsumi - Nana Kitade
inerasable sin? That's one way of looking at it

Will I have a happy life?
Let It Over - Megumi Ogata
over what? the edge? I hope you're not implying that I have to end it for it to be happy.

What do my friends really think of me?
E-mail Me! - Paula Terry
Yay, they wish for spam!

Do people secretly lust after me?
Hikousen - Kumoko
what kind of answer is Airship?

How can I make myself happy?
Dive - BeForU
I hope you mean in water

What should I do with my life?
Finale B - Rent
You hate me, don't you?

Why must life be so full of pain?
Light My Candle - Rent
You're right! It's because nothing is burning! Does it have to be just a candle, though?

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Sadame - Tenchu 3 trailer
I'll leave it all to fate then?

Will I ever have children?
Rakuen - Do As Infinity
I'll find paradise instead? Sweet!

Will I die happy?
Pain - Xenosaga anime ED
I knew it!

Can you give me some advice?
Gee, Officer Krupke - West Side Story

What do you think happiness is?
Iroppoi Jirettai - Morning Musume
Iroppoi - amorous, sexy, erotic
Jirettai - vexing, irritating, impatient
...maybe the online dictionary I used is inaccurate

What's my favourite fetish?
Game - Ayumi Hamasaki
obsessions and fetishes are 2 different things!

My windows media player hates me and wants me to die T_T

EDIT: looking back, my wmp used to be so optimistic. Time sure changes people... and media players.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

L.E.A.P. to your doom!

...I swear, that title was not inspired by Power Rangers the Movie. It really has nothing to do with suicide.

L.E.A.P.... I only heard of it yesterday night. What could it mean? Leprechauns Eating A Pear? Lasallian's Evil Attempt at Pacing? Lounge, Enjoy, Appeal and Publicize? Whatever the meaning, it's still a program that gives a free day on a weekday at the cost of three successive hours of a topic of our choice. Kind of. It's not really a choice if you're limited to a handful of classes not yet full when you decide to apply for one late. bah, running sentence. It must be a miracle if it can be understood properly in the first read. I must really enjoy prepositions if I keep making those. I used to confuse prepositions and propositions before. Good thing I was never caught doing so, at least during times when I realized it soon after. My timing is really bad, realizing things so late...

Thanks to my timing, I failed to apply for a class I could look forward to, such as pro gaming, learning German or Spanish, Wushu, Photoshop tutorials, watching Ironman or Heroes episodes 1-5, or even the writing workshops. All thanks to me finally going to apply at 9 only to find out the service is only from 8am to 8pm.If I recall correctly, I was left to choose from dancing, non-martial art sports, archeology, that one religion related one, and more that didn't really catch my attention. Good thing there was a story telling crash course class still open. Not quite as excited as I would have been if I got one of my more ideal ones though.

Ideal situations... I always had to have a plan B. Whenever I'd have an ideal schedule to get everything done in a day or an ideal set up for a moment of relaxation, it would often get ruined by something as simple as someone else being in the bathroom at the time I needed among all other times when it was completely unused or an unexpected announcement that the family had to go out for dinner or something. heh, Another running sentence. Whenever I was so sure it would work out and didn't think of an alternative, it would really get to me, no matter how trivial. hmm, That's probably why I don't plan so far ahead. It also helps if plans are a bit loose for flexibility so I can easily shrug off interruptions.

I hope there won't be any interruptions on Sunday. It seems so clear for attending the convention from start to finish as long as I have Mass on Saturday. oh yeah, Psicom convention on Sunday, Le Pavillion. Events start at 10am. It's kind of useless stating that now though. Seems like everyone else already has plans for that day. I wonder how they'll pull off that homosexual male turning into a female superhero after swallowing a rock in a musical. Or should have I said "muzical"? Whee, I'm ranting! I'd probably start talking about Avenue Q's schadenfreude and moments of it I experienced recently if I continued.

Here's to an abrupt end to a pointless rant!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Never Was Good in This Game...

defeated eventful week!

gained 220 exp
- 70 for difficult virus/trojan exposure
- 50 for extended watersports exposure
- 20 for train balance
- 30 for tricycle riding
- 50 for NSTP-C1

- 1 Half-Life crack
- 1 Hamachi program
- 1 trojan making virus
- 1 phobia of downloading cracks/keygens
- 1 vacation to Palawan
- 8 good meals
- 3 silvanas
- 5 1/2 absences
- 2/3 NSTP-CI class
- 2 papers from NSTP-C1 class
- 2 homework
- 1 wireless cardbus adapter
- 1 USB mouse
- 1 bad impression on teachers(probably)

- 1 satisfaction
- 1 theoretical Broodwar crack
- 2 school days
- 5 1/2 attendance
- 1 submission of tredone assignment
- 2 speecom quizzes
- 1 fwteams quiz
- 1 MRT stored value card
- ? game time
- ? internet time

Pesos: P200(to be used for stored value cards)

Ranking: D
Good effort, but could have avoided many losses and unwanted spoils. Improve rank by attempting to catch up. *coughcoughyou'reahopelesscasecoughcough*

whee, the lazy way to update a neglected journal!

Laziness Penalty: -50 points
Updated Ranking: E


Complaint Penalty: -20 points
Updated Ranking: E-